About Us

American Terry Mills has been Manufacturing and Distributing 100% Cotton Towels since 1980. Our Goal is to bring you the best quality products straight from our factories to your doorstep. We strive to provide our customers with towels that can cater to all their needs. Our Products can be used for Gyms, Spas, Nail salons, Barber Shops, Home and Auto Care, Janitorial and much more. Explore our wide range of products with unbeatable prices.

What makes our Towels special:
• Extensive weaving, processing & cut/make/trim capacities
• Diversified product, customer, market and currency portfolio
• Vertical from weaving onwards
• Independent quality teams and fully equipped in-house
• Implemented strategic and long term raw material procurement
• Highly competitive pricing

• Quality delivered on time


Our Strategy
Business development and
retention through
impeccable product
support and services

Our Focus
Developing business
partnerships and honoring commitments.

Our Promise
Versatility, Innovation and

Our Mill Revenues of US $96.00 million
Versatility, Innovation and Quality, Guaranteed !
Family owned

Key Highlights:

• 27,200 Tons of weaving and processing capacities / annum

• Self financed & financially strong

• Low risk vendor

• Strong and efficient procurement capabilities

Annual Turnover:

Total Exports 2012 :US$ 76 M

Total Exports 2013 :US$ 81 M

Total Exports 2014 :US$ 89.5M

Total Exports 2015 : US$ 89.5M

Total Exports 2016 : US$ 90.25M

Total Exports 2017 : US$96.00M

Frcst Exports 2018 : US$101.00M


We also offer 100% money back Guarantee and Free Returns within 30 days of purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at:




We look forward to doing business with you and providing you with top quality products.